Nov.3th - 6th, 2022 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 20th - 23rd,2020


NEW CHITOSE 2022 reveals 8 pitch projects!

The festival holds the “NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH 2022” as an official program during the festival period for directors and producers who live in Japan to create an opportunity for them to take the first step toward a new project. The festival welcomes commentators such as producers associated with the festival and helps the artists to build international networks and connections.
This program is open to the public and will be broadcasted online in the form of a public presentation. We look forward to receiving applications from those who hope to use this opportunity to spread their wings to the world.

Poproy Station

Speaker : Poproy

Kuragari nightmare

Speaker : nin(DADA GAUGUIN)

Countryside Planet (Tentative Title)

Speaker : Oh Hey Do

Cats and Houses (tentative)

Speaker : Youko Yuki

Laila *tentative title

Speaker : Risa Fukaya

Little Biggie

Speaker : Sijia Luo

Permanent Point

Speaker : Nana Kawabata

Fu and Sasuke the quest for compassion

Speaker : Hiroki Taniguchi

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

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